The Start Up

why did I start a business?
It’s personal. Starting a business was not truly my ambition. I always believed having the security of a steady job for an organization was the way for me. After all, I am a single mother with a child on the way to college.

The northeast Florida job market for me was slim, especially after holding a position producing large scale events for the city. I spent so much energy looking for a job, and many of the exciting positions were outside the region and more often in the northeast. I was not ready to leave Jacksonville, and my son was in his final year of high school.

I had been a mentor in the Marketing Matters program with the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center for a few years, and I can honestly say, one of my mentees inspired me so much, that during one of our check-in sessions, the idea sparked…”what if I market myself and my experience as the opportunity”.

what’s KAK got to do with it?
Again, it’s personal. First, I have an obsession, wait, an extreme passion for cake. It’s almost a weakness. One day I want to own a cake lounge. I’m also a fan of the “experience”. Whether I am attending or planning an event, a show, festival, or hosting a group of friends at home, I tend to think through what the attendee (or me) should feel and say about the event once it has ended. So, why not market my skill set as my own enterprise?! BTW…KAK is derived from the phonetic spelling of cake, however I tend to think of it as me delivering a Kick Ass experience. Have you seen the KAK & Co website?

does that answer your question?
I’ve never been a fan of indulging personal information. I like to allow my work ethic and passion speak for me. But here you have it. One year into business, and I have a lot to learn, time to grow, and more people to entertain.

If you want to know more about experiential marketing, and how you can hire me (and my team), well, you will just have to read about that in another post, or just reach out and contact us.


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