The Start Up

why did I start a business? It’s personal. Starting a business was not truly my ambition. I always believed having the security of a steady job for an organization was the way for me. After all, I am a single mother with a child on the way to college. The northeast Florida job market for … More The Start Up


a primer on engagement

brand is important, and now more than ever, the experience with a brand is top of mind. this interaction or engagement impacts the consumer’s buying decision. regardless of your product or service offering, understanding what your customer wants from your business and how they prefer to interact with your business is crucial for your success.

Why KAK & Co?

In order to provide relevant marketing solutions, the most important factor is listening, then being able to interpret a message that is clear and concise for the consumer audience. KĀK & Co partners with organizations and event producers to create strategy supporting the event experience, activation, or product launch, then delivers clear results that help … More Why KAK & Co?

Trends and Patterns

Excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2016 for KAK & Co. From new projects and collaborations, to team building and experimenting with trendy ideas, we can’t help but look forward to the new year! Engage us…but in the meantime, stretch your marketing imagination and pay attention to the tips in this article from … More Trends and Patterns

Hidden Event Venues in Jacksonville

As we venture about town, looking for ideas or awesome spaces, we plan to report back on the cool places we’ve seen in a segment here, likely entitled “Hidden Venues in Jax”. Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting Riverside North, by the Clara White Mission’s Culinary Arts Program, Ashley Street Catering. Now, if you have ever been … More Hidden Event Venues in Jacksonville

The Event Hashtag

Almost every event boasts printed collateral brazen with a creative hashtag encouraging attendees to post about their experience. Often times attendees participate and some of the time they may wonder “what’s the point?” Let’s attempt to avoid the latter. While it is great for an organization to create and track a hashtag for an even, the question becomes, why. The use … More The Event Hashtag